I like the idea of local TeX communities, and of TeX support in native language. It provides people who don’t read and write English fluently with access to TeX and LaTeX. Also, feeling ok with English, I enjoy reading TeX stuff in my German language very much. So I already set up in German, and in French.

Looking forward to the TUG meeting in Rio this year, I learned a bit of Brazilian Portuguese. I worked on some stuff to honor our hosts in Brazil. I could not attend the meeting these days, so I could not show something or discuss anything.

Anyway, I can show it here. Since the TeX StackExchange site brought a good motivation to the world wide TeX community, I set up a question and answer site in Brazilian Portuguese. Perhaps users may enjoy reading and writing that way and it could lower the barrier to get TeX support.

For a demonstration, I posted questions and answers based on the TeX FAQ. The demo site is here:


Fellow Brazilian TeX friends: take a look, browse around. How does it feel?

I added a translation of the TeX FAQ:


Is it readable? It took some time, I still work on some remaining questions and answers. It’s about 300 A4/letter pages now. You can downloaded it as a PDF file:

It’s just a demo site that I will keep online for a while, to see if people may like it. It was immediately attacked hundreds of times by spam bots, but that went down to just some per day once I maintained a domain black list.

If anybody would like to support this comunidade de TeX site, as contributor, supporter, moderator, maintainer, send an email to me:





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