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One of the key ideas behind the entire StackExchange network is the idea of a community. For TeX.SX, that means a community of TeX users (and developers). That community-building idea already leads to a lot of discussion on the meta site and the chat system. This blog is the next logical step: a way of going beyond the Q&A format to allow discussion of whatever seems appropriate. So we might have posts about the site itself, some exciting LaTeX package, a more detailed look at an issue from a question, or whatever seems appropriate. There is already a list of potential contributors, who will be blogging on different areas over the coming weeks. However, anyone can get involved. So get those ideas ready!

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  1. I thought standard practice to refer to StackExchange sites is to add SE at the end: stats.SE, math.SE, etc. Any particular reasons for using sx? Just curious.

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