SourceForge and LPPL

Good news, everyone!
Good news, everyone!

A few days ago, a nice question came up on about which open source hosting facilities accept the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL).

In the LATEX3 News, Issue 5, January 2011, we were thrilled by this great announcement:

The LPPL is now OSI-approved

We are happy to report that earlier this year the LATEX Project Public License (LPPL) has been approved by the OSI as an open source licence. Frank Mittelbach will be publishing further details on this news in a retrospective on the LPPL in an upcoming TUGboat article.

Since I’m a SourceForge user, I suggested it, with the following note:

To date, Sourceforge has no LPPL in the license category listing. Since now LPPL is an OSI-approved license, I opened a ticket about adding LPPL to the listing. Nevertheless, I consider Sourceforge a friendly place to host opensource projects. And there’s also GitHub.


And I opened a ticket. Guess what? After two days, LPPL has been added!

LPPL has been added to the classic project Trove Categorization.

Christopher Tsai also made an interesting comment on licensing:

[…] please note that the Trove Categorization is just for categorization purposes. Whether it’s in the Trove or not, as long as it’s an OSI-compliant license, you can use that on your code. Similarly, setting a Trove Category doesn’t actually license your code with that license, the licensing needs to be done on the code itself.

Now there’s a ticket for adding LPPL to Allura (SF 2.0) as well.

Thanks for being so friendly with us TeX/LaTeX users and developers, SourceForge!

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