KOMAscript: new English manual

Markus Kohm, maintainer of KOMAscript has published a new version (3.11) of the KOMAscript bundle. There is one extraordinary issue: The new version includes a new manual in English. Markus said on his webpage:

»A new English user manual with the same structure and completely
translated content of the German user manual is provided. There are
still several issues with the translation, nevertheless, it’s much
better than the previous English manual.«

As far as I can see, all the features of KOMAscript 3 are documented, the same as in the German version.

As TeXLive 2011 is frozen right now , you probably need to download the new version yourself from Berlios; follow the links on Markus’ website. Users of MiKTeX will probably get it soon.


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