Representing TeX.SX in TeX and LaTeX Contests

Contests are a nice way of pursuing our TeX passion. We have an enjoyable competition, show our TeX skills and learn something new, while producing our contribution, and by seeing the results of other fellow TeXnicians. We already had a contest on TeX.SX, celebrating the first birthday of our site.

Contests are also a way to reach out to TeX users who did not visit our site yet: if such a contest happens somewhere else, and if we go there and show our skills.

Currently there’s one running on LaTeX users are invited to write a small article, the best articles will be rewarded with a prize. Packt Publishing has sponsored two copies of the gnuplot Cookbook written by Lee Phillips for the winners. Matching the subject of the book, the topic of the contest is LaTeX and graphics.

The contest will close June 20th. So, there are some days left. Even small articles just like blog posts are very welcome. I would appreciate if some of our fellow TeX.SX users would join the competition. I know, we have very capable TeXnicians here on the site, also regarding the contest topic.

For more details about the competition and for a contact, have a look at the LaTeX Contest announcement.

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