Win the LaTeX Companion ebook – 10 days to go

Paulo has reviewed the LaTeX companion ebook for us, just days ago. Do you think you would like to get that book? There’s the chance to get it for free!

Currently there’s a contest on users, who post an article on the web site have the chance to win the LaTeX Companion ebook. The author Frank Mittelbach provided a free download code. It’s available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF format.

The LaTeX Companion

To qualify, just write a small article and send to, it will be published on that site. The topic of this contest is: Recent developments in LaTeX.

“Recent” may mean some years, it’s not really strict. Awesome stuff such as biblatex, arara, TikZ, you know – additions to basic LaTeX. You can freely choose your topic. The article could be short like a blog post or comprehensive as you like.

The contest will end in 10 days, it will close on November 10, 2013.

You can find all details in the contest announcement.

On there’s an announcement for our German friends.

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