A deserved milestone

You know him. A good friend.

Do you know he has a middle name?

I won’t tell you, though. It’s a secret.

It’s not listed in the index of The TeXbook, I’m afraid.

I will give you a hint: it starts with P.

P as in passionate about TeX and friends.

P as in patient, able to wait, to listen.

P as in peaceful, calm. And always eager to help.

P as in playful, pleasantly humorous.

P as in polite. A gentleman.

P as in proficient, skilled at TeX and friends.

P as in prominent, a true TeX demigod.

P as in proper, correct.

P as in poetic when writing code.

That’s him.

P as in David, David P. Carlisle.

Congrats, my friend.

4 thoughts

  1. Heartiest congratulations on this achievement, and my heart-felt thanks for the huge number of contributions you’ve made to the TeX and LaTeX communities!

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