Building snowmen

It’s winter here, and we are waiting for snow. So we will use TeX instead of snow to build some fancy snowmen. For the impatient, there’s an Unicode snowman: . It’s U+2603. Copy and paste to use.

For us TikZ friends, Hironobu Yamashita released a new package on CTAN: scsnowman. It pro­vides a com­mand \sc­snow­man which can dis­play various snow­men, customizable by options.

Just load the package in addition to TikZ:


Then use the new command such as in these examples:

\scsnowman[scale=2, body, hat=red, muffler=blue]
\scsnowman[scale=3, hat, snow, arms, buttons]
\scsnowman[scale=2, mouthshape=tight, muffler=red]
\scsnowman[scale=2, mouthshape=frown, hat=green]


You can find the package and instructions on CTAN and on github.

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