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At first I read it on LaTeX.org: there’s a Kickstarter project for creating a free and open source table editor for LaTeX. It’s written in JavaScript and can be web hosted.

The goal of the project is to simplify and to speed up the creation of complex tables, with GUI features such as for

  • Splitting and merging cells
  • Aligning and formatting of cell content
  • Rotating cell content
  • Setting background color
  • Choosing border type and width
  • Importing from CSV, JSON, txt, possibly even from LaTeX and ConTeXt
  • Exporting to LaTeX, HTML, possibly ConTeXt and more

Many packages shall be supported, such as booktabs, tabularx, colortbl, longtable, multirow, and many more.

A full list of features can be found on www.latex-tables.com.

The “risk” for supporters seems to be low: the author Xavier Dionne wrote, that his plan is to program and release the editor software anyway, the Kickstarter funding is for allowing to focus full-time on this project in order to get it done in a much shorter time, and to support creating many more advanced features. You can ask questions or tell ideas to the author on LaTeX.org: Project : A WYSIWYG LaTeX complex tables editor. The forum requires a free registration to keep spam bots out.

If you like the idea of visual rapid table creation, it would be great if you would become a supporter. Visit it on Kickstarter: LaTeX Complex Tables Editor

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