Still hacking anyway – LaTeX and DANTE at the Camp

Just 5 days to go, then the hacker camp SHA2017 will start. The name stands for “Still Hacking Anyway”, and the camp  belongs to a string of hacker camps that happen every 4 years. This year we will meet in the Netherlands: Scoutinglandgoed in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam, 4th to 8th August 2017. So it happens end of next week.

(Auf Deutsch verfügbar – this post can be read in German on

The camp is organized by international hacker communities. About 3500 tickets have been sold already. According to the home page, there are only 191 tickets left available . Does anybody want to come too? Be quick. 😉

The camp is very family friendly. So I am going together with my 2 young hackers and my partner.

DANTE will be there, with some TeX-Friends. We will build up a big tent, bring anything that we think may be useful, plan talks and workshops and we will be available for anybody who’s interested in TeX and LaTeX.

DANTE provided 6 tickets, so we can represent DANTE and LaTeX there. One free ticket is still available, if anybody wants to join us: Post a comment here, edit the LaTeX Wiki page, or write a mail to Doris (see the village page for contact). This is us: Doris, Moss, Martin, Jonas, Stefan.

For further information, visit:

And if you would be there anyway, visit us!

A first impression from starting the build-up, seen @SHA2017:


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