Renewing my TUG membership

Late this year, but I’m happy to have renewed my membership in the TeX Users Group.

  • I became a member in 2011 as part of the institutional membership of StackExchange I suggested on meta.
  • I had a joint membership (DANTE and TUG).
  • Now I have an electronic membership.

The joint membership was not automatically renewed, so it happened that I kept my DANTE subscription but not the TUG one. Now that’s fixed. 🙂

Especially the electronic membership is very affordable and supports the TeX Users Group and their aims in supporting and developing TeX. It saves the cost of shipping paper journals around the world, while we can download them.

By the way, students, new graduates, and seniors have reduced membership dues, just $35 with the discount for electronic-only / paperless membership (originally $75).

If also you are interested joining TUG, here is some information:

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