Ten years supporting on LaTeX.org

Today I celebrate my 9000th post on LaTeX.org. I don’t have the patience to wait until it’s 10k. 🙂


In 2008 I joined the forum, when it was maintained by Sven Wiegand, the creator of the TeXnicCenter editor and forum founder in 2007. Soon I supported as moderator, in 2011 I took over the server maintainance.

While it’s not as fancy and addictive as the later established commercial TeX StackExchange site, LaTeX.org continues being alive and being a classic support site in the form of a discussion forum. I thank our moderators team, especially Johannes for his very active LaTeX support and Scott for his valuable LyX support.

I’m happy about everybody joining the site and helping out with answering questions. There are many unanswered questions, and I welcome even answers to older questions, since it helps further readers and a question poster may be glad to see there’s help.

The Announcements forum shows this and that what happened through the ten years.

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